Are You Building The Right Product?

Market research

So you have an idea.

Many founders make the mistake of building before they're ready. We will help you validate your idea, and assist with market research to make sure you build the best representation of your idea.

Branding and pitch services

All brands have personality. A distinct brand is what sets you apart from your competitors.

As a startup, investment capital is a great way to spur early growth. We will help you develop your pitch so you have a better platform when you meet investors.

Wireframing & prototyping

You'd be surprised how far you can get with an idea and a prototype. At this stage, we can incorporate data gathered from market research, and wrap that up with your brand into functional prototype running on a device.
All before you've paid for actual development time

Product Development

With a validated idea and a wireframe or prototype in hand, at this point we can start building your minimum viable product. You can have confidence in knowing that you're paying for the right idea.


Christopher and Metisoft are great! They built our mobile applications on time and on budget, integrated smoothly into our existing development team, and are local to Madison. Because of them we hit our big release date and the users are loving it! They were responsive to our questions and came to the table with answers. Plus, they built a solid project and are sticking around to improve performance and to start working on version two.
If you need web or mobile development to get your MVP off the ground or if you need someone to tune up your existing mobile app I would strongly recommend Christopher and Metisoft!
Seth Braddock
CEO, Kilter Rewards