Blockchain Development and More

Blockchain. Prototyping. UI/UX

We are an established software development shop of full-stack thinkers, building blockchain applications. We deliver secure and relevant solutions tailored to your needs.

We understand the business benefits of a strong software platform, both behind the scenes and on the front end. That's why we provide more than just development. Whether you are still validating an idea, ready to build, seeking to refresh your look, or a little bit of everything, we are prepared to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Technologies We Incorporate

We are full-stack thinkers

We use the following technologies in our development:

  • Hyperledger: Enterprise blockchain development
  • Solidity: Smart Contract development
  • Web3.js: Connecting Solidity to Web 2.0
  • Truffle: Smart Contract compilation and automated testing
  • MetaMask: Secure wallet transactions in the Chrome browser

Design and Branding

All Products Have a Personality.
Let Us Help Craft Yours

An interface is more than a collection of bells and whistles, it's the face of your brand. Our team understands the importance of brand appearance in a crowded market and has the skill set to help you stand out.

Tell us your story and we'll help you capture it in a strong visual brand language that lets the world know who you are.


Christopher and Metisoft are great! They built our mobile applications on time and on budget, integrated smoothly into our existing development team, and are local to Madison. Because of them we hit our big release date and the users are loving it! They were responsive to our questions and came to the table with answers. Plus, they built a solid project and are sticking around to improve performance and to start working on version two. If you need web or mobile development to get your MVP off the ground or if you need someone to tune up your existing mobile app I would strongly recommend Christopher and Metisoft!
Seth Braddock
CEO, Kilter Rewards