Metisoft is a solutions-based team that provides full service
development and product management for mobile applications and websites.

Working on projects that we’re personally interested in gives us a huge advantage over local dev-shops or outsourced providers.
We sell solutions, not just code. Plus, we’re Veteran-owned so we know what hard work means.

We are the hackers to your hustle.

Our Team

Christopher Patterson

CEO / Founder
Six year Naval Nuclear Power Veteran with an MS in Biomedical Engineering and a passion for startups. Christopher's broad range of experience helps him connect with projects and keep them on track. From submarines to cell cultures to systems engineering!

James Brawn, Jr.

CTO / Founder
Before joining Metisoft, James was a professional software developer and small team leader of developers for five years. He has over 20 years programming experience and is familiar with a slew of web languages.

Andrew Daniel

Founder / Mobile Developer
Andrew has two years professional software development experience working on a range of projects from native desktop and mobile applications using C++/Qt, to web applications using AngularJS, Cordova and NodeJS.